Law Practice with Focus on Resolving Marital Conflicts Without Going to Court

Alla Kurolapnik is an experienced divorce attorney who has seen through her many years in practice that divorce litigation, especially if protracted, can be damaging to families.

Alla is a trained divorce mediator who has built a practice helping families resolve marital disputes before seeking the Court’s intervention.

Mediation allows a divorcing couple to make decisions about their future rather than having the course of their lives determined by a judge.

In Mediation, the couple has the power to decide what is best for them and their children.

Mediation is less expensive than divorce litigation, takes less time, and is more likely to result in an agreement that is consistent with the parties’ objectives.

Divorce Mediation is not right for every couple, and if Mediation or settlement efforts fail Alla is an experienced litigator who will avidly protect her clients’ interests in Court.

Alla Kurolapnik started her legal career as a special prosecutor for the New York City Law Department prosecuting child neglect and abuse cases, in Family Court, on behalf of the Administration for Children’s Services.

After serving as special prosecuter for six years, Alla worked for several prominent New York matrimonial and family law firms before starting her own practice in 2012 which is devoted to matrimonial and family law.

Alla trained as a divorce mediator in 2018, and in addition to providing mediation services to retained clients, Alla is a court approved mediator in the New York State Presumptive Mediation Program in New York County, Nassau County, and Richmond County Supreme Court.